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Beautiful Cocktails

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Sweet Thing

A dessert in a glass. treating you well with vanilla vodka, black raspberry liqueur, ruby chocolate, coconut emulsion creating a buttery and crisp finish.

Roll It

Rolling your tongue back with passion gin, apple liqueur and popcorn cordial, it’s sweet and aromatic complexity will remind you of the movies as it is served with caramalized popcorns.

Funny Bones

Not for the faint hearted, a notoriously strong yet delicious cocktail highly recommended for the thrill.

Blue Sky

Premium red berry vodka, with a taste of bubble gumand aloe vera, topped with blue curacao.

The Botanical Garden

Experience the essence of the botanical garden,with a kick of hendricks gin, fresh cucumber, kiwi syrup,lime & apple juice, finished with a note of elderflower.

50 Shades Of Pink

Celebrating pink gin, chambord, elderflower and ahint of aromatic lavender, is a perfect ‘any day of the week’...Pick me up!

Cherry’s Passion

A tangy and fruitful concoction with cherry rum,passion cordial, citrus and balanced with lychee andcherry bitters, served with a basket of passion.

Peach Harmony

A harmonious combination of fruity and herbisiousdrink created with raspberry and basil gin, peach cordial,rhubharb apertifif, fresh basil and citrus.

Carabao Mango Sour

Mango vodka paired beautifully with caramel,hints of citrus with a dash of sparkling wine.This drink has it’s own emotion.

Tropical Picante

A twist on the classic margarita that will elevateyour taste buds. Tequila, jalapenoes, agave, passionfruit,citrus and kaffir salt.

The New Old Fashion

C2c’s take on the old fashioned with jack daniels no 7, hazzelnut & banana liqueur, dash of bitters.Delivers a rich, complex multi-dimensional taste.

The Drunken Elephant

Combining the goodness of delicious fruit ,this cocktail is Created with rum, hibiscus, almond,and ginger ale. A bit of exotic Heaven here on earth.Tangy and fruity.

Bramble on the Hill

A sweet and sour burst of gin and berries, with a dash of lemon juice, creates perfect boozy flavours for anunrivalling balance.

The 2 Some...Thing

(Based on sharing between 2 people) An innovative cocktail to share with the option of gin,vodka and whiskey base. Succumb to this magenetic,charming beauty. Our unique secret, shared just for you.


Martinis at C2C

Voilet hill Martini

A spring delight to nuture! A well-made elixir withvoilet gin, lychee liqueur, lavender syrup shakenand served straight.

French Martini

Vanilla vodka, chambord, blueberry cordialshaken with pineapple juice and served straight.

Porn Star Martini

Vanilla vodka, passion liqueur, passionfruit mix.shaken and served straight, accompanied with a short of prosseco.

Lychee Martini

Premium vodka, lychee liqueur, lychee juice andfresh lime juice. Shaken and served straight.

Cinnamon Apple Martini

Premium vodka, apple juice, cinnamon syrup,shaken and served straight.

Wala Chai Martini

Wala gin, spiced chai syrup and chocolate bitter, shake.

Chocolate Espresso Martini

Premium vodka, chocolate liqueur, espresso,chocolate sauce, shaken and served straight.


C2C Classics


Combination of gin, ref dry vermouth, capmari. Served with orange zest, on the rocks.

Aperol Spritz

A mixture of aperol, prosecco and fresh orange.Topped with soda.

Classic Mojito

Muddled fresh mint and lime, mixed with white rum and sugar.Topped with soda.


A mix of citrus vodka, orange liqueur, fresh lime and cranberry juice.Shaken and served straight.

Pina COlada

A tropical blend of white rum, pineapple juice,fresh cream and coconut syrup.

Long Island Iced Tea

A mixture of vodka, gin, white rum, tequilla and orange liqueurwith lemon juice and a dash of coke.

Jamaican Mule

A mixture of Jamaican rum, shaken ice cold with fresh ginger,sugar syrup and fresh lime. Topped with ginger beer. Served long.

Tennessee Apple

A mixture of Jack Daniel’s apple, cinnamon and aple syrups,Drambuie liqueur and apple juice. Served long.

Old Fashioned

Freshly made with hass avocados, lime onion ,tomatoes and coriander, served with warm pita sticks.


A mixture of white rum, pineapple juice, coconut syrup and Blue Curacao.


Keep it Straight Cocktails

Bubble Gum Temple

Bubble gum syrup, freshly squeezed lime juice andaloe vera. Shaken together and topped with grenadine.

Red Passion Mania

Fresh passion juice, strawberry syrup, cranberry juice is shaken with freshly squeezed lime and served long.

Coconut Lychee Cooler

Coconut syrup, lychee juice and fresh passion fruit.shaken with fresh lime juice and served long.

Virgin Mojito

Freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar, and fresh mintleaves. Served over the crushed ice and toppedwith apple juice and lemonade.

Mango Pinacolada

Mango puree, coconut syrup, and cream shakenwith pineapple served long.

Gin Balloons

Boe Passion & Eldeflower Tonic

Served With Fresh Passion, Lime And Passion Boba

Blood Orange & Pink Soda

Beefeater Served With Grapefruit Slice And Fresh Lime

Tanqeray 10 & Tonic

Served With Lime And Orange

Wala Gin & Tonic

The fiery lamb mince kebabs from the north-west frontier region cooked with dry red chillies and mustered oil cooked in the tandoor.

Chase Grapefruit & Pomelo

Served With Lemon And Kumquats and Pink Soda



Bailey’s, Banana, Blue Curacao


Kahlua, Bailey’s, Cointreau

Jaeger Bomb

Tequilla Rose, Midori. Kwai Feh

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